How much does it cost to employ an amateur?

If you think Professionals are expensive, you need to see how much amateurs will cost you.

Mr S Yardley of SRS did and see the results below –

SRS was trading as a sole trader and had no reason to believe there was anything wrong with his existing Accounting service provider.

When I met Mr Yardley he had just won a court case against his old accountant but HMRC was still chasing him and their view was; although it’s not of his making he is legally responsible and no special treatment was given.

Makes Sense Recommendation
While reviewing the previous accounts for the starting point, it turned out his existing accountant was not so thorough in their work. With our knowledge and experience, we believed that he had paid nearly £2,000 in tax that was not owed! Makes Sense submitted a case to HMRC, the accounts were reopened and just this week a refund was issued – even though it was over 3 years ago.

Now we understand their objectives and business operations better we have converted them into a Limited Company (we did all the work so they didn’t have to bother with the paperwork) and this is going to reduce their tax bills going forward as well.

Another area where we have helped them is to ease their Administrative burden by setting them up on Mobile technology, that allows them to capture their expenses easily and also invoice their clients whilst on client site.

What did the client think?
The Managing Director of SRS said ‘A chance meeting with Tim from Makes Sense was one of the best things that happened to my company! They got my tax back and I didn’t even know I had over paid which was a great result.

I can now invoice my customers before leaving their property and they pay quicker by using the payment link.

After a hard day on the road, all my paperwork is done from my Mobile Phone and no burning the midnight oil to keep on top of the dreaded paperwork!

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